2016-01-14 19.31.322016-01-14 19.32.45A partnership forged through meeting each other at a local farmers market and discovering we like each others product and why not see if my coffee would go well with their beers. Finding the right coffee, roast profile and dosage took a little time and a lot of tasting (it’s a tough job) that resulted in what we felt worked best on all fronts. Taste was unique enough,¬†and smooth enough. I think we have a winner!!! Well Golden State Brewery launched their coffee stout at Market Bar in downtown San Jose 2 weeks ago and the reception has been incredible. What I really appreciated is the questioning about the coffee as much as the beer. The origin, the roast profile, the flavor notes, the farm information. Nothing new and terribly unique, but for us, it was a first and I have come away really pleased at the responses from our customers. All in all, a great experience that is now another way to enjoy some HighNote Coffee.